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Management Buy Outs & Management Buy Ins (MBO/MBI)

If you’re a management team interested in progression, or a business owner wanting to explore your options, here at Ensors we’re experienced in representing either side of the deal. We will help you to structure a realistic deal, designed to last the course of the agreement.

A successful change of hands

As a management team you may be wondering how to approach the current business owner with an offer or initiate negotiations. This can be a sensitive subject and our expert team can assist with easing those initial conversations.

Alternatively, as a business owner you may be at a stage where you want to explore your options. Our Corporate Finance team will introduce the prospect of an MBO to your management team and explain the deal in detail. We will structure the MBO with payment terms to ensure all parties are clear on the transaction.

Get Advice and Guidance On


Identifying a fair valuation and where to pitch an offer.

Preparing an offer or structure to discuss with the current owner or MBO team

And subsequently progress detailed negotiations with the target and their advisors.


Detailed financial forecasts for post-completion.

Raising funds

Approaching our database of debt and private equity contacts to achieve funding.

Reviewing legal documents from CF/accounting perspective

As qualified accountants we understand the financial considerations.

Advice on tax implications

Detailed guidance on what tax you will need to pay, how much it will be and when it will be due.

“Ensors ensured this buyout transaction was smooth and efficient throughout the entire process. The team’s professionalism and expert knowledge supported the best interests of all parties at every stage. Communication was regular and effective and filled us with confidence that the best deal was being achieved.”

Chris Allen – Custom Freight

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