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Insolvency and Business Recovery

Facing the potential insolvency of your business or when your personal finances have become unmanageable is a huge challenge. It is vital to have support and guidance that is not only authoritative and practical, but also delivered with a compassionate, personalised approach and an understanding of what you are going through.

Business recovery and insolvency expertise

Our highly-experienced Insolvency team is partner-led by our two insolvency practitioners, Mark Upton and David Scrivener.

They have the skills and knowledge to deal with the most complex of corporate cases, but also the sensitivity, understanding and empathy that is ideal for smaller, family-run concerns and any individual that may be facing the prospect of personal insolvency.

You may have got to the point where you feel that there are no other options, we are committed to helping businesses survive and trade out of their difficulties and will proactively explore this option wherever possible.

Alternatively, we will advise on the correct formal procedure and assist through every step of the process to ensure that everything is dealt with in a thoroughly professional manner and ensuring that the stress of dealing with your financial difficulties is no longer such a burden.

Get advice and guidance on:


With the protection from action by creditors, as licensed insolvency practitioners, we are able to take control of the operation of an insolvent company, with a view to either securing the sale of the business and assets including the option of a prepack sale where appropriate or achieving a better outcome than liquidation.

Creditors Voluntary Liquidations

Assisting directors with formally closing an insolvent business that is unable to continue to trade. This will involve realising the assets for maximum value and dealing with its creditors liabilities and dealing with employees in an empathetic manner.

Solvent Liquidations

Winding up the affairs of a business in order to make capital distributions to shareholders and in certain circumstances to effect S110 Reorganisations.

Company Voluntary Arrangements

Agreeing arrangements to pay creditors over a fixed period of time if the Company is unable to meet its existing creditor obligations but has a viable ongoing business.  This may include creditors agreeing to write off some of their debt.

Individual Voluntary Arrangements

Agreeing arrangements to pay creditors over a fixed period of time normally based on an individual making regular monthly payments out of income in order to avoid bankruptcy. This may include creditors agreeing to write off some of their debt.


For individuals with debts they cannot pay and no means to enter into an Individual Voluntary Arrangement or any other arrangement. Will involve the appointment of a Trustee and the realisation of personal assets, if any, with debts being written off.

“Knowing that Mark and Jill are there is a massive support to me and I sincerely thank you for this.”

Business insolvency client

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