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Employee Ownership Trusts (EOT)

Considering your exit from your business can be a daunting prospect. An Employee Ownership Trust ensures a controllable process, unlike with a third party sale. It also provides a springboard to continued business growth with your employees in mind.

A tax efficient, controllable exit from your business:

We can help you to realise the value of your business but remain in charge, benefitting from 0% Capital Gains Tax on the proceeds, if properly structured.
Your employees can feel empowered and approach their day-to-day roles with fresh vigour. The handover can be smooth and gradual, ensuring your business legacy is sustained.


Get Advice and Guidance On:

Preliminary Advice

We conduct an initial feasibility review based on the characteristics of the company.


A professional valuation of the business financials, which can be relied on by the trustees.

Structuring the transaction

Designing a guideline structure of the amount to be paid. Whether that’s at completion or over the deferred period.

Tax Clearances

We write to HMRC to gain clearance for the proposed transaction, ensuring all of the compliance boxes are ticked.

Reviewing legal documentation

Assessing the Corporate Finance perspective on proposed contracts and schedules.

Transaction management

Providing advice and guidance throughout, where required, to ensure deal progression.

“Making the move to an employee ownership model was a great choice for Getech. The EOT allows us to satisfy the balance of the preservation of our own SLT team and identity on the one hand, with the shareholders’ ability to structure an exit on their own terms on the other. It was a pleasure to work with both teams, their expert guidance, hands-on approach and professional attentive client service impressed us from the start.”

Guy Watts, MD – Getech

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