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Transport, Logistics and Haulage Accountants

The transportation sector is undergoing significant change at both national and local level. Here at Ensors, our experienced specialist transportation team provides reliable expertise as well as a thorough understanding of the transportation, logistics and haulage sector’s specific needs.

Tailored accounting for your business

Changing regulations and technological advancements require businesses in the transportation and logistics sector to have the right support in order to adapt quickly to a rapidly-evolving environment.

We build up an in-depth understanding of your company so that our industry experts can provide you with tailored, timely advice to propel your business growth.

Work with people who understand:

The value of efficiency

Eliminating time-consuming processes to ensure your books are ready on time.

Industry developments

Always up to speed with the most recent industry developments and relevant legislation.

Cashflow projection

Enabling efficient cost control and helping transportation companies work at optimal costs in the long run.


Contemporary and innovative digital accounting systems that ensure you meet HMRC’s requirements.

Lead advisory services

Advice on securing funding, formulating and negotiating offers and business acquisition.

“David [Scrivener] was recommended to me by a potential funder who knew of Ensors’ expertise in the transport and logistics sector. Throughout the following months I received 100% support through all the negotiations. The vendors even recognised the value of this and said recently that having David on board gave them the comfort to progress the deal.”

James Dolan – James Dolan Limited