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Agriculture and landed estates

You know your business and we know how to help you account for your diverse activities, seasonal cash flows and revenue calculations. Our farming experts will give you dedicated, sector-specific advice and a tailored service to help your farm and business thrive now and into your succession plans.

Maximise the potential of your assets

Move forward, and make the most from your land & property

These are challenging times for many businesses and families with their roots in agriculture, farming and rural estates. With support funding dwindling and costs rising, farmers and landowners are looking for greater efficiencies and new opportunities to keep operations running.

You’ll have new targets for your business and perhaps new ideas about how to maintain your cash flow and stability for the future generation. We’ll help you to streamline your accounting processes, take full advantage of your tax allowances and ultimately run an efficient, compliant business for the present and the future generation.

Work with people who understand:

Seasonal highs and lows

Timing your accounting perfectly around your activities throughout the year.

Speed and efficiency in accounting

Doing away with laborious processes to ensure your books are ready in good time.

Alternative sources of revenue

Diversifying into events, leisure activities and holiday lets? Get the best advice.


Modern digital accounting systems to ensure you meet HMRC’s requirements.

Personal as well as business interests

Advice on investments, trusts and wills to optimise tax and protect your legacy.

Forward planning to meet next year’s aims

With your accounting under control, you’ll have the time and capacity to plan ahead.

“Having been clients of Ensors for over 20 years, we couldn’t envisage a better working relationship. Graham Page and his team are an integral part of our farming business. They’re an extension of our family based team and with their specialist knowledge of the agricultural industry, we rely on their valuable guidance. They know us and our business, inside and out.”

Debbie Nott, J R & E H Nott