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Inheritance Tax, Trusts & Estates Advice

Inheritance tax can be a huge burden on your family. We’re here to help you consider your options and choose a path to help you maximise the benefits of your estate for your loved ones.

A clear plan to maximise your assets

Whether you’re calculating your potential Inheritance Tax exposure or planning ahead and considering establishing a trust for your loved ones, we have the expert team to help you consider your options.

Headed up by Danny Clifford, a Chartered Tax Advisor and Qualified Trust Advisor, you can rest assured your affairs are in safe hands. We deliver advice in a pragmatic, down-to-earth way helping you to minimise your tax liabilities and maximise the benefits of your estate in the most straightforward, practical way.


Get Advice and Guidance On:

Inheritance Tax planning

Calculating the tax payable on your estate and discussing alternative options to maximise the value left to your beneficiaries.

Establishing a New Trust

Identifying the value of the assets to be placed into the Trust and working with your solicitor to set out the legal terms.

Exiting an existing trust

Reviewing whether an exit charge is applicable to the winding down of the Trust and any subsequent payments or tax to be paid.

Estate planning and administration

Reviewing applicable actions to take in order to maximise your asset for your beneficiaries.


Working as trusted family advisers, we can assist with understanding the assets and tax liabilities.

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