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Approachable, dependable, personal & technically excellent

About Ensors

You’ll love working with us. Because we’ll love working with you. Find out how we help businesses and people rise up – in their business, career, finances or life itself.

Seeing the lives behind the numbers

We’re perfect for you if you’re looking for caring, dependable, personalised support from people who go the extra mile to understand you and your business. Clients have loved our end-to-end expertise for all accounting needs, enriched with a range of niche specialisms in fields such as agriculture, healthcare, property development and construction.

Being accountancy experts for over 130 years has given us a deep understanding of the issues, opportunities and regulations relevant to you, both locally and globally. You’ll be able to take advantage of a firm with both deep regional roots and an international reach.

Always by your side with proactive, tailored accountancy advice, we’ll help you manage, protect and shape your business for the years to come.

A firm with real accountancy heritage

With roots dating back to Isaac Lott Ensor’s first office in Ipswich in 1889, we have consistently evolved and expanded over the decades, while always remaining intimately aware of prevailing regulations, guidelines and best practices.

“We have used Ensors for many years, and truly feel that they are an extremely knowledgeable firm who value our custom and strive to help us with any concerns.”

Ellie Williams – Haughley Park Ltd

People make the difference

As with any thriving business, our people are our best assets. Nothing beats seeing someone face to face, but in advance of any meeting it’s always worth getting to know who you’re dealing with.


Knowledge is power. We regularly run seminars across East Anglia to help you get the inside track on changes to regulations, new technical developments and useful insights on running your accounts – and to give you the opportunity to ask questions.