Implementation statement – one year on

The implementation statement is a short report which should have been included in the scheme’s annual report from the 1st of October 2020. It explains how the trustees have acted on the principles contained within the Statement of Investment Principles (SIP). There was also the requirement to publish the implementation statement on a publicly accessible website by the 1st of October 2021.

So, after the initial rush to complete accounts by 30th September 2020 last year to delay doing these, where are we now, one year on?

Has this led to greater transparency for members? Or is it just another administrative burden?

The aim was to help trustees and their wider stakeholders explain the activities and outcomes of the investment decisions by looking at policies and reports, engagement activity and voting data.

Do the trustees feel that their policies and procedures have been effectively put into practice? And is the implementation statement helpful in explaining that?

We have generated a poll on our website and would be interested to hear your views.  Follow this link to take part

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