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Grow your business through people initiative

By Ensors Team
4th Jun 2014

Paul Williams, partner at Ensors’ Cambridge office, took part in a ‘Grow your business through people’ initiative on 21 May 2014.  He spoke to local businesses about the benefits that Ensors, as an employer, gain by employing students.

He commented, “These enthusiastic employees are keen to be given the opportunity to use their newly learnt skills in the workplace. And this was ably demonstrated by two of our ‘rising stars’ who took part in the presentation.  They spent time explaining the benefits they have received by being supported in gaining work experience whilst studying for their professional exams.”

He continued, “As a firm, we take on a mixture of school leavers and graduates.  Having such a mix enables us to plan their work and learning more effectively as not too many are away studying at the same time. They also qualify at different times, enabling us to plan for the future.

And there are great opportunities for ambitious members of staff.  Many of our current partners were students with Ensors and studied ‘on the job’.”