Home Insights Financial Due Diligence services provided to HSBC in connection with a new £12m green energy facility

Financial Due Diligence services provided to HSBC in connection with a new £12m green energy facility

By Ensors Team
22nd May 2024

Ensors Corporate Finance team were delighted to assist HSBC Bank Plc with their funding for a new-to-bank customer looking to construct an Energy-from-Waste (EfW) plant.

EfW projects such as these represent a step towards promoting circular economy principles and reducing reliance on traditional fossil fuels. By converting non-recyclable waste into clean, renewable energy, this plant will contribute to mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and advancing towards a more sustainable future.

The HSBC team of Gagandeep Bhakar and Nick Young were able to design a facility which will fund the construction of the plant before potentially evolving to an asset based lend.

Gagandeep commented “We are proud to support this transformative project, which aligns with our commitment to ESG principles. Financing initiatives like the EfW plant not only drive positive environmental impact but also promote economic growth and social responsibility within the communities we serve. We are keen to speak to potential customers regarding similar projects.”

After being approached by HSBC, Ensors were able to design a bespoke targeted scope which satisfied the Bank’s need for an external review, without making the process overly onerous for the ultimate customer.

Simon Martin led the Ensors team, assisted by Ben Croston and Wilbur Wang.

Simon said “We were pleased to assist HSBC with their FDD requirements on this project. In a world where sustainability is vitally important, it is great to see HSBC supporting businesses with funding for these purposes. All members of our CF team are accountancy trained. This combined with our advisory experience means that we are well placed to deliver FDD which is targeted and commercial.”