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Ensors Sage Training comes to Framlingham

By Ensors Team
8th May 2013

Wednesday April 17th saw Sage Training Workshops come to the Framlingham Technology Centre courtesy of Ensors Chartered Accountants and The Castle Learning Suite.

Jenny Stockman, Business Development Manager at Framlingham Technology Centre, said, “The Castle Learning Suite at Framlingham Technology Centre is the outcome of a driving philosophy at the Centre to provide all the services and facilities that growing aspirational businesses need, not in a city centre, but right here where it’s needed, in Framlingham, where people want to work close to home.  It’s probably unknown but there are more businesses registered for VAT in Suffolk Coastal than in the whole of Ipswich.”  She continued, “There are many training facilities at the Centre with the Castle Training Suite being a relatively new addition. Fully equipped by Radio Castle with work stations and internet access, the suite is uniquely attached to the community radio station.  Radio Castle facilitates extended training to young people and the ‘not-so-young’ delivering life and work skills through media and online courses.”


Jonathan Wingfield, Manager and Sage trainer, said, “We were really pleased with the facilities provided by Framlingham Technology Centre and the Castle Learning Suite.  David Brookes & Christopher Wright ensured that the technology was appropriate for the courses and our students were able to practice with ease what we were preaching!”  He continued, “We had a great response to our invitations and, combined with really positive comments on the day, means that we will be running more Sage training workshops in the coming months.”

To register interest in attending an Ensors Sage Training Workshop please contact Abigail Jones.