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Ensors launch new microsite

By Ensors Team
6th Feb 2013

The Ensors Business Recovery team are pleased to announce the launch of their new microsite

www.insolvencyeastanglia.co.uk – designed and built by Itineris.

The microsite has been launched to specifically serve the needs of businesses and individuals who are facing financial difficulties – providing greater detail of information on the options available.

Mark Upton, partner in charge of the Ensors Business Recovery team, said “as a business or individual when you face financial uncertainty you need straightforward, honest advice – quickly.  Our aim with the microsite is to provide greater depth of information than we have room for on the main Ensors Chartered Accountants website – providing a vehicle to reassure and encourage discussion.”  He continued, “It is very easy to focus on the negatives and assume that the only route out is business closure or bankruptcy.  However, in our experience, there are generally more options available especially if the problems are identified early on.  For example, we have been  involved in a number  of  informal arrangements where a business continues trading as a result of us negotiating agreed repayment terms over a period of time  with creditors.  That way everyone wins.  Employees retain jobs, creditors get paid and the local economy avoids another closure.”

Matt Davy, Creative Director at Itineris commented, “The business recovery micro site is a confident take on a difficult subject matter. It takes a complex procedure and makes it understandable. It also promotes Ensors specialism in this area and reflects their personal and positive approach. We are proud to have been involved in the project and continue our close relationship with Ensors.”