Technology & innovation

"One of the many good things about Ensors is they understand what a... startup technology company needs and deliver it in a friendly/helpful way. Once your company matures they can still provide [for your] needs... I like that level of flexibility..." Jim Milne - - Director Seventh Sense and Mentor to the Kastra Company Incubator at Adastral Park

With  over 15 years’ experience working with hi-tech companies and our close involvement with BT’s Brightstar technology incubator project we understand the business of technology and the unique issues faced by companies within this sector. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you address key concerns such as tax relief claims, retention of expert staff and maximising return on investment.

The technology sector can be lucrative, but it’s also fast moving and dynamic. Growth can be rapid and present as many challenges as it does benefits. Our expert team can offer valuable support, helping you launch your business and manage growth effectively. And with our outsourcing services we can relieve you of the burden of administration. So you can concentrate on staying one step ahead of the market.

Why choose us?

  • Expert team with direct experience of the technology industry, supported by specialist experts in corporation tax, acquisitions & disposals and raising finance
  • Wide ranging expertise, including advice on remuneration packages to retain key technical staff, project research tax incentives and profitable exit strategies. 
  • Responsive to the fast pace of the industry. 
  • Locally based and independent, delivering personalised service and real understanding of regional issues.


What guidance is there for setting transfer prices?
Thursday 19 July

What guidance is there for setting transfer prices?