• Meet the Barleymow Family

    An introduction to the farming family.
  • Inheritance Tax and the family home

    Every issue we will be following the fortunes of the Barleymow family and the issues they face as a family farming business. This edition looks at the complications regarding Inheritance Tax and the family home.
  • Farmers averaging

    Due to weather, disease and movements in commodity prices it is very common for farming profits to fluctuate greatly year on year. Without any special rules in place this would result in an unfair tax position for farmers when compared to other businesses which see far less volatility. In order to assist with this HM Revenue & Customs offer the option of Farmers Averaging, which considers the average profit for a two year period.
  • Meet the Team

    An introduction to the Ensors Agricultural Team.
  • What matters to you?

    We want to know what you want to read about. If you want information on hot topics or have any issues that are affecting you, let us know.
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