• New online bankruptcy procedure

    Government agencies are increasingly digitising their processes and one of the latest changes relates to how an individual applies for his or her own bankruptcy. From 6 April 2016 an individual will no longer apply to the Court for a bankruptcy order but will submit their application online.
  • Distribution rules for solvent liquidations

    Changes introduced on 6 April 2016 may affect those shareholders who extract their investment in a company by means of a solvent liquidation.
  • Changes to the company strike off procedure

    Companies House has announced a change to the company strike off procedure which accelerates the process.
  • Trends

    We reported in our last newsletter that the rates of insolvencies generally have fallen in recent times. A look at the main news currently seems to show a very mixed picture.
  • Technical Bite

    In this technical bite we look at what a creditor needs to do if owed money by an individual or company which has entered into a formal insolvency procedure.
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