• Transparently Unclear

    Possibly I am alone in this; but I have absolutely no interest in the content of David Cameron’s tax return, nor George Osborne’s, nor Jeremy Corbyn’s – and certainly not the returns of any Scottish MPs."
  • “Making Tax Digital” – The Future is Just Two Years Away!

    HMRC have been making a fuss about their “Making Tax Digital” project, but what will it mean in practice? There will be a period of great change in the way we all deal with HMRC, but different businesses will feel the impact in very different ways.
  • All change for the UK Patent Box – but not necessarily yet

    Uncertainty over the future of the UK’s Patent Box ended late last year with the publication of the draft legislation for new claims from July 2016. Intellectual property (IP) for which claims have been made before then continue to attract relief under the old rules until 30 June 2021.
  • Tax highlights

    Tax is an ever-changing landscape and it can prove challenging keeping up-to-date with legislative changes. To help you work out what is coming up and how it affects you we have summarised some of the key changes that are on the horizon.
  • HMRC’s ‘disturbing’ approach to Tribunal Rules

    A recent Court of Appeal case has highlighted what the judge referred to as a ‘disturbing’ approach to Tribunal rules after HMRC came close to arguing that the constraints of austerity on an agency should excuse unacceptable behaviour.
  • Lifetime ISA – the facts

    The new Lifetime ISA was announced by Chancellor George Osborne in the 2016 Budget ... so what is it and when is it available?
  • Annual returns & beneficial owners

    From 6 April 2016 UK companies, incorporated charities and LLPs are required to maintain a Register of People with Significant Control (a "PSC Register").
  • Taxing Benefits in Kind through your payroll

    Instead of preparing forms P11D each year to report benefits in kind, some employers include the benefits in employees’ salary each month and collect the tax on them via PAYE, rather than through estimates in the PAYE code.
  • National Living Wage

    As well as the usual April Fool’s jokes, 1 April 2016 heralded the arrival of a new National Living Wage. Under the revised scheme, workers aged 25 and over are now entitled to an increased minimum rate of pay of £7.20 per hour. This represents an increase of 50p per hour.
  • Living ‘happily ever after’

    Buying a business is a bit like finding your perfect partner. First of all you need to understand your own needs. Why you want to buy a business? What sort of business you are looking for? And what are the essential qualities you need from that business? Very similar to finding your perfect partner – especially when you think one of the key requirements may be to find one that makes a lot of money
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