• Coulson J slates Expert Witness’ evidence after witness box meltdown

    The importance of selecting a capable and experienced expert witness has been highlighted by the recent case: Van Oord UK Limited and SICIM Roadbridge Limited v Allseas UK Limited [2015].
  • Perpetrators of £1m Suffolk cyber fraud charged

    Members of a cyber fraud gang which was responsible for stealing £1m from a Suffolk firm last year have been charged.
  • £250,000 school fraud does not result in jail

    An enquiry into a £378 expense claim exposed a £250,000 fraud. The Head of Finance at the Catholic PACT trust which runs four private schools pleaded guilty to five counts of fraud and escaped with a two year suspended sentence, 300 hours community service and six months curfew.
  • RAF Honington defrauded £72,000 by its accountant

    A former clerk at RAF Honington has been found guilty of stealing £72,000 from the base between 2012 and 2014.
  • Fraud alert: Man in the middle vishing scheme

    People have been targeted by emails, texts and letters purporting to be from their bank.
  • Fraud alert: Residential premises of senior executives targeted

    Fraudsters have been stealing post in affluent areas in an attempt to identify senior executives.
  • Fraud alert: Overseas students targeted

    Fraudsters have been targeting overseas students who are looking for rental accommodation but do not have a UK bank statement to complete a statement of affordability.
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