• New distribution rules for solvent liquidations?

    The Government in its Autumn Statement announced changes to the ways that dividends from company shares are taxed and these changes are likely to come in on 6 April 2016. The Government also announced potential changes to the way in which distributions from solvent liquidations are taxed.
  • The end of insolvency litigation?

    One of the important areas of an Insolvency Practitioners work is investigations into an insolvent’s affairs and taking action to recover assets for the creditors where, for example, these have been put beyond the reach of creditors.
  • Bankruptcy petition level increased

    The minimum level of debt required to issue a bankruptcy petition against an individual has for the first time in many years been increased.
  • Trends

    According to the latest available figures from The Insolvency Service for quarter 3 2015 company and individual insolvencies have generally declined and some areas have seen the lowest number of insolvencies for many years.
  • Technical Bite

    In this first in our series of technical bites we explain the different types of liquidation for companies.
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