Ensors OneClick

Welcome to Ensors OneClick – the safer way to communicate confidential information.

Email, as a means of communicating confidential information, is becoming increasingly compromised and at risk from security breaches.   As such, and because we take client confidentiality very seriously, we have introduced Ensors OneClick for all our clients.

OneClick will quite simply replace email as a means of sharing confidential documents and is really simple to set up and use.  It will ensure that we can continue to send and receive information and documents with minimal risk of them being intercepted.

Existing OneClick user

If you are an existing OneClick user you can login here

And, for your reference, we have a short user guide that will provide a reminder on how to use OneClick.

New OneClick user

If you are not currently a OneClick user but would like to find out more please speak to your usual Ensors contact or take a look at our video that shows just how easy it is to get set-up and then to use OneClick.


To find out more about the security and encryption utilised in Ensors OneClick please see our Security Whitepaper that provides more detail.