Team Talk – Matt Herd

Matt Herd joined Ensors in January 2020 as a Tax Director working across the Cambridgeshire offices.  With 23 years’ experience under his belt, Matt assists individuals and business owners with the whole range of personal taxation matters including supporting business owners with the structuring of their retirement and business succession plans.

Why did you choose to go into tax as a profession?
I would love to say that I wanted to work in tax from a young age.  The reality is that it became increasingly apparent that I wasn’t cut out to be a stunt man (childhood ambition).  So when my mum cut out a job advert from the local paper for a “Tax Trainee” I decided to send in my CV.

What is the most unusual task you have been asked to carry out at work?
This is, without doubt, to help set a client’s bed side clock.  She was an elderly client who had been unable to change it herself when the clocks went forwards.

If you had to do something different and money and skill were no object, what would you do?

If I had to have a different job and money, skill (and age!) were no barrier, I would like to star in martial art movies.  Perhaps a cross between Bruce Lee and Jason Statham.

If you could invite three people to dinner, who would they be and why?
Top of the list would have to be Bruce Lee because I would love to get to see a display of his martial arts moves in real life.  Then, I think, Lee Harvey Oswald – just to try and find out the truth!  And finally, Robert Downey Jr – because he would bring the fun!

What’s your favourite TV programme?
Continuing with the martial arts theme and having watched the original Karate Kid films more times as a child than I care to admit, I really enjoyed Cobra Kai.  I’ve re-watched seasons one and two now that they’re available on Netflix and can’t wait for season three to come out next year.

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