Q&A with Ivan Woolgrove

Ivan joined Ensors Ipswich office in January 2022 as Director of the Corporate Tax team. He provides expert advice and guidance on all aspects of taxation and tax planning to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), owner-managed businesses and limited companies.

Why did you choose to go into Accountancy?
I fell into it because I left school and needed a job, I had two interviews one with an architect and one with a small accountancy firm. At the time I played village cricket and so did the partner of the accountancy firm and the rest is history.

Why did you choose Ensors?
I was very impressed by all the people I met and thought they were exactly who I wanted to work with. Also, everyone I spoke to in the business community, spoke very highly of the firm and lastly, I feel the client base matches my skill set.

What do you really enjoy about your job?
This may seem odd but it’s talking about tax, whether it is to clients, colleagues, or business referrers.

If you had to do something different and money and skill was no object, what would you do?
I would love to be a musician. A total lack of talent has always held me back, although I have been involved in music back in the 1980s managing a band and writing lyrics for a couple of songs.

What is the most unusual task you have been asked to carry out at work?
Asking a client who was an ex-boxer if he was an illegal money lender, or did he sell drugs, or was it much worse than those two options.

If you could invite any three people to dinner who would they be and why?
Ian Botham (a cricketing hero of mine since the 1981 Ashes), JFK (to listen to his thoughts on being President during such a volatile period of world relations), Colin Chapman (it would be interesting to talk to such an innovative car designer).

Who’s your favourite band/singer?
I couldn’t choose just one as it all depends on mood, but the following are regularly listened to – Prince, Gregory Porter, Melissa Etheridge, INXS, ZZ Top and the Beastie Boys. Oh, and just about anything from the 80s.

What was your first day at work like?
I started my first job in September 1984, and I remember having the workings of a handwritten ETB explained to me. Funnily enough there was no IT induction.

What’s your favourite TV programme?
Anything related to Motorsport.

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