Ensors Trustee Training Service

As a trustee of a charity you have a legal obligation to ensure that your charity is operating effectively and to help you with that The Charity Commission publishes guidance.  This guidance sets out the standards that trustees can follow to help ensure their charity’s performance and governance is effective.

However, every charity is different.  What may be lacking in one charity could be working perfectly well in another.  Equally, specific areas of the guidance may be of greater relevance to one charity, depending on their purpose, as opposed to another.

Ensors Trustee Training service can help you identify what is important to your charity, highlight specific risk areas and plug those gaps via a succinct, tailored training session delivered directly to your trustees.  All for a fixed fee.

Via an in-depth consultation one of our specialist, experienced team of charity experts will identify those areas that it would be beneficial to improve.  They will provide that all important independent opinion that can sometimes be difficult to achieve as trustees when you are so personally connected to a cause.  They will draw on their experience of working with many charities of all shapes and sizes to help you find the best and most cost effective solutions.

The recommendations will then be delivered personally at a Trustee meeting of your choice.

For more information please contact Helen Rumsey

We often find that one of the areas trustees require clarification on is understanding the charity’s financial statements and, in particular, understanding those areas that can provide an insight into the ‘health’ of the charity.  This can, at no extra cost, be included as part of your Trustee Training service.

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