• Selling your business

    Your business is great, it would be a lucrative purchase for the right buyer who can take it forward and reap the benefits of future ownership and control. You know that’s true, but how do you convince the buyer, which in turn helps you achieve the desired, higher, price for your business?
  • Budget Summary - Autumn 2018

    The Chancellor Philip Hammond presented his second Autumn Budget on Monday 29 October 2018.
  • Tax Tables - 2019/20

    This document is only available as a pdf.
  • Transfer Pricing

    A comprehensive guide to transfer pricing. What it is? Why it's important? And how to set arm's length prices?
  • Employee Share Schemes - what are they & why use them?

    Employee share schemes are an effective way to offer equity-related awards to employees. They can help you recruit, retain and incentivise employees by giving them a direct financial interest in the success of your company.
  • Taxes made easy

    Practical tax tips to guide you through the tax system and help you plan to minimise your liability. Please use this guide to identify areas where you could take action then contact us for advice and to discuss the most appropriate way forwards.
  • Reporting Employment-Related Securities and Options to HMRC

    Companies have an obligation to report to HMRC certain transactions involving shares, securities and options, each tax year on an online Employment Related Securities’ (ERS) Return.
  • Forms P11D: Reporting Benefits in Kind to HMRC

    Forms P11D must be completed for all directors and all employees if they receive any benefits in kind or reimbursement of expenses which were not incurred wholly, exclusively and necessarily for business purposes.
  • Construction Industry scheme

    Under the Construction Industry scheme a Main Contractor is responsible for deducting tax on any payments made to Subcontractors.
  • What is Split Year Treatment? And when does it apply?

    We explain what Split Year Treatment is and outline the eight scenarios when it might apply for a particular tax year.
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