Farming and forensic accounting


Our Forensic Accounting team led by Fiona Hotston Moore, have been involved in a number of areas in the farming sector working for both existing clients and also accepting instructions following a referral from a lawyer or other accountant.

Fiona is an Accredited Expert Witness and Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist and began training to become a Chartered Accountant and Tax Adviser over 25 years ago in the farming practice Chater & Myhill. She is supported by an experienced team that can assist in areas such as:

  1. Family/partnership/trust/will disputes and divorces –valuing the farming business and advising on the tax aspects of the proposed resolution of a dispute or proposed divorce settlement.  
  2. Providing reports to support an insurance claim 
  3. Acting as an expert witness in contractual disputes such as tenancies and post sale. 
  4. Advising clients in tax disputes with HMRC 
  5. Investigating suspected business fraud including employee fraud and preventative reviews of internal controls
  6. Due diligence and strategic input ahead of sales, mergers or other business transactions
  7. Providing expert witness reports as to the potential loss that can be claimed for failings in, for example, tax advice or audit opinions.
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