Living ‘happily ever after’

Buying a business is a bit like finding your perfect partner.
First of all you need to understand your own needs.  Why do you want to buy a business?  What sort of business are you looking for?  And what are the essential qualities you need from that business?  Very similar to finding your perfect partner – especially when you think one of the key requirements may be to find one that makes a lot of money!
You will then, most likely, undertake some research.  Study the market.  What is available to meet your needs?  Sadly, unlike finding your perfect partner, this research cannot be undertaken in a nightclub or pub!
Now’s the time to make the approach.  This is usually done on an anonymous basis - think Valentines day!  The letters we send to ‘target’ businesses on behalf of clients are not written in poetic verse or sent on pink, scented paper but we do ensure that confidentiality is maintained until we can be sure of the response.  This is particularly pertinent if the approach is being made to a competitor.  You wouldn’t want to ‘show your hand’ until you knew they were in the market for a buy-out.
So what is Ensors role in the whole buying process?  Well that would be one of Cupid.  Bringing two people (businesses) together who have the right fit and ensuring the whole acquisition (marriage) process runs smoothly.  We will help identify the partner, make the approach and help the two parties through the bad times to, ultimately, end up living ‘happily ever after’!

Initial meetings are free of charge and, of course, in strictest confidence.

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