Local authority trading companies (latcos)

"As the Finance Director and Company Secretary of a start-up Local Authority Trading Company (LATCo.), the appointment of the auditors, accounting and tax advisors for the group was a crucial decision. The decision was an easy one due to Ensors impressive presentation and the directly relevant experience and knowledge. After two years the decision has been confirmed as the right one and the advice and assistance received has been first class and very professional. " Alex Morris - - HTS Group Ltd

Local Authority Trading Companies have a unique commercial dynamic. They can either be established businesses that are starting out as a new commercial organisation or a brand new initiative.  In either case the directors may be haunted by a very basic challenge.  How to manage their business to ensure it's full commercial potential is achieved within a framework that may include existing staff, contracts and customers and may previously have sat very firmly in a public sector environment.

The Ensors’ team has wide-ranging experience of working closely with LATCOs.  We have supported fledgling businesses by providing due diligence, corporate governance as well as advice on the most advantageous structure.  We will then continue to work closely with the business, fostering an open and integrated working relationship with finance teams and boards of directors to help drive the business forwards.

We can provide the necessary breadth and depth of expertise to deliver a relevant and comprehensive service, from delivering a professional and efficient audit service to providing expert tax advice that may benefit your bottom line.

Why choose us?

  • A professional and efficient service including payroll, taxation, VAT, management accounting, end-of-year reporting and auditing.
  • Specialist tax advice on transfer pricing, thin capitalisation and mutual trading.
  • Assistance with creating robust business plans, including cash-flow modelling.
  • Advice and guidance on potential structures for your business and corporate governance.
  • A clear, down-to-earth approach which is totally customer focused.


15th February 2022

The 7 questions to ask when creating a Local Authority Trading Company