MBO seminar – hear from the experts

Management Buyouts (MBO’s) are a very popular mechanism for shareholders to achieve a controlled exit from their business. It also provides a great opportunity to reward those employees who have helped grow the business to what it represents today.

Not only is an MBO a cost efficient way for the senior management team to become the new owners but the company bears most of the financial risks because its assets are usually used as security for the majority of the purchase price. Plus it is also possible to structure an MBO in a way for the sellers to benefit from an effective 10% tax rate making it a win-win situation.

If you are a business owner looking to sell, a management team looking to buy or an advisor with clients with an interest in the above, we are hosting two MBO seminars in May designed to give you the expert view in order to achieve the best possible outcome. Our Corporate Finance team advised on a dozen MBOs last year and have collectively helped over 50 deals to completion.

What we will cover

  • Early MBO planning – what needs to be in place and when;
  • Getting the deal done - how to structure & finance the deal in today’s climate;
  • The tax benefits of an MBO for sellers; and
  • First hand experience of a completed MBO by one of our clients 

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To secure your place please select a date via the drop down above and complete the booking online, email Amy Read or call us on 01473 220051.

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