Employee Fraud Seminar - Who's attacking your organisation?

With new cases hitting the headlines every week we are all too aware of the devastating impact fraud can have on an organisation.  However, did you know that 56% of fraudsters are on the inside? 

The threat of employee fraud can be wide ranging.  From staff claiming to be someone (or something) they are not, to the theft of data or cash, to bribery and corruption.  Whatever the source, It will all cause damage to an organisation and, not just financially.  Consider the impact upon your organisation’s reputation, customer confidence and staff morale.

To address this very real, and growing, problem we have joined forces with Ashtons Legal to deliver an Employee Fraud seminar.  Our speakers will use a case study (based on a real-life example) to cover the following areas:

  • What does the typical employee fraudster look like and what might he (or she) be doing to defraud you?
  • What steps can you take to help prevent employee fraud?
  • If you suspect you are a victim of employee fraud, what should you do?  And in what order?
  • What role should the police take?
  • How can you ensure you minimise disruption to your business?
  • How can you maximise the potential recovery of funds? and
  • How do you protect your loyal staff and ensure you stay within the letter of employment law?

Following the success of our Ipswich, Cambridge and Norwich events we are hosting an additional workshop in Bury that is free to attend.  Please book via the link below or alternatively, to book direct, please contact Kristie Henry.

Click here for Fiona Hotston Moore's tell tail signs of spotting employee fraud.

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