• 19th January 2015

    Uncovering occupational fraud

    The Oxford dictionary defines fraud as (a) “wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain”. For company frauds this could be expanded to incorporate the deliberate misappropriation of company assets to achieve the gain. Despite the fastest growing global areas of fraud being cyber related, the traditional occupational fraudster remains a significant company risk although their typical profile is changing.
  • 16th January 2015

    Fraud: motive, opportunity and ability

    More than a quarter of businesses are subject to payroll fraud, and it is twice as likely in small organisations. These figures should be sobering, as a typical fraud adds about six percent to payroll costs.
  • 29th December 2014

    Financial focus on... tax efficient families

    As we approach the time of year for making resolutions, it seems appropriate to take a look at some of the ways that families can be more tax efficient.
  • 4th December 2014

    The Autumn Statement and the SME

    It was a mixed Autumn Statement for SMEs. For those small enough to qualify, the extension of the doubling of Small Business Rates Relief until April 2016 will certainly be welcome. However, the Chancellor dealt a blow to sensible tax planning with his announcements around incorporation.
  • 3rd December 2014

    Sailing with a 'fair' wind behind you - Autumn Statement comment

    I have no particular interest but, like many other sports in which I have no interest, I tune-in approximately once every 4 years IF it appears that Great Britain may be about to take a medal in the Olympic Sailing. This sort of “fair weather” spectating has a drawback in that I do not really understand what is going on and therefore rely on the commentary team to tell me whether things are indeed looking Gold-en for the plucky Brit, or whether it is time to click a button on the remote.