• 17th September 2014

    Financial Focus On...CGT and those needing car

    A couple of months ago in the article entitled “A Flipping Nuisance” I explained that the period at the end of an individual’s ownership of a home that will automatically contribute to the total Principal Private Residence (PPR) exempt amount for Capital Gains Tax (CGT) was being halved from 36 months to 18 months from April 2014. This final period qualifies no matter to what use the property is actually being put in this period, provided it had previously qualified as the main residence for tax purposes at some point. This relief was originally granted in order to allow people time to sell their properties when they had to relocate but the sluggish housing market had hindered a quick sale.
  • 3rd September 2014

    Professional negligence claims against auditors and accountants/tax advisers

    In the past negligence claims against professional advisers were rare. However, in recent years, clients and other third parties have become more willing to pursue claims against professional advisers and a number of substantial claims have been filed. The issues surrounding ‘auditor negligence’ differ from the wider issues of negligence by accountants and tax advisers.
  • 21st August 2014

    Employee fraud - could you be a victim?

    Can you afford to ignore what might be going on under your nose?
  • 20th August 2014

    Financial Focus On...Employment Allowance

    Sometimes even the smallest saving is worth having and the new Employment Allowance can, in certain circumstances, be used to save just that little bit more.
  • 13th August 2014

    Gender bias in insolvency

    Fiona Hotston Moore, Forensic partner at Ensors Chartered Accountants, looks at the gender bias that currently exists within the insolvency profession.