• 16th March 2015

    Why is whistle blowing a good thing?

    Whistle blowing is universally accepted as a good thing. Encouraging employees to speak out safeguards the integrity and reputation of an organisation, safeguards the employees and public and minimises financial loss and inefficiencies. A whistle blowing policy is an essential part of good corporate governance in companies of all sizes as well as charities and public sector organisations. In essence “Don’t shoot the messenger”.
  • 4th March 2015

    Entrepreneurs' relief - here to stay?

    With the up-coming pre election budget, one of the topics that has got a lot of business owners, accountants and anyone involved in M&A work buzzing is what will happen to entrepreneurs relief.
  • 2nd March 2015

    Solicitors Tax Campaign - what is it?

    The Solicitors’ Tax Campaign announced by HMRC in December 2014 requires solicitors to notify intention to make a voluntary disclosure of underpaid tax by 9 March 2015 and full disclosure and payment of tax by 9 June.
  • 16th February 2015

    Financial Focus On...Fig Leaves to Fleeces

    From biblical times to the present day, clothing has been worn for more than one purpose at a time – for protection, for comfort, for modesty, as a uniform or because it is traditional. This inherent “duality of purpose” element of wearing clothing for more than one reason at a time is a cause celebre as far as HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is concerned. As a result the Inspector of Taxes will often seek to disallow or to tax the costs of clothing when they appear in a business’s accounts or as a tax claim.
  • 11th February 2015

    The answer all charities are still waiting for: Gift or distribution?

    When it comes to the issue of direct taxation for charities, this can be a minefield for charitable organisations to understand, and then to arrange their affairs so that they are compliant and not exposed to tax.