• 17th February 2016

    Financial Focus On...spring cleaning your affairs

    After the rush to complete the Tax Return and pay your dues by the end of January, most people will try to ignore their tax affairs until just before April. However, now is a good time to do some early spring cleaning to ensure everything is up to date before the new tax year starts.
  • 11th February 2016

    Protect your social media reputation with two-factor authentication

    You’ve worked hard on building your social media profiles. You selected appropriate people to follow, posted interesting snippets, pictures and links but have you protected your account?
  • 5th February 2016

    New Gift Aid declaration: what charities need to do

    From 6 April 2016, charities will need to ensure that they are using the new model Gift Aid declaration published by HM Revenue & Customs last year.
  • 4th February 2016

    Divorce and finances - how to avoid the tax man benefitting

    For most couples getting divorced is an extremely stressful time and there is a lot to think about besides finances and tax. As forensic accountants we assist divorce and family lawyers in agreeing the financial split between couples together with the tax implications of the financial settlement.
  • 1st February 2016

    Cashflow planning for farms

    For most farms this is the point of the year when things are a little more settled, with most of the drilling complete (or done in some cases) and the sprayer/fertiliser spreader resting in the shed. So now presents a rare chance to consider the path ahead, what I am about to suggest isn’t the most loved job for most but reviewing the financial position for now and the forth coming year is a sensible thing to do.