• 9th March 2016

    Professional negligence – hot topics

    As forensic accountants we act as expert witness or party advisers in claims against fellow advisers. We can act for the claimant (the client) or the defendant (the accountant or other adviser). We have over the last decade seen an increasing willingness for clients to seek redress from their advisers and their insurers.
  • 29th February 2016

    Defined Contribution (DC) Pension governance report

    Many trustees are still asking questions about the chairs statement and the governance report required now in Defined Contribution (DC) pension schemes.
  • 26th February 2016

    Traditions in the House

    Every year, as tax advisers, we face annual changes to the tax rules upon which we advise our clients. I cannot think of any other profession which is subject to such a regular and overwhelming upheaval. In effect it amounts to an annual rewriting of our technical framework. As a result of this we spend a significant amount of time focusing on the minutiae and small print of the Chancellor’s Budget announcements to work out how the changes will impact our clients. There is, however, a lot of tradition around the Budget speech and some interesting facts.
  • 24th February 2016

    Latest figures reinforce the rise of ‘Bogus Boss’ frauds

    Bogus Boss or CEO fraud as it is also known has come to prominence in the UK during 2015. Action Fraud has recorded 994 reports in the second half of 2015, contributing to an overall reported theft through this ruse of £32m. Only £1m of this amount has been recovered at present.
  • 17th February 2016

    Financial Focus On...spring cleaning your affairs

    After the rush to complete the Tax Return and pay your dues by the end of January, most people will try to ignore their tax affairs until just before April. However, now is a good time to do some early spring cleaning to ensure everything is up to date before the new tax year starts.