• 8th June 2015

    Averaging and the Young Farmer scheme

    Looking at the fields on my way to work the majority appear to be healthy but it did strike me how exposed the farming industry is to weather, disease and world prices. So what would happen if a budding entrepreneur went into Dragons Den to try and get investment to support their new farming business?
  • 28th May 2015

    My 7 top tips in dispute resolution

    As a forensic accountant with over 20 years in practice I have assisted in a great number of disputes including commercial, employment, matrimonial, tax and partnership disputes. Here I share my top tips for the key skills in dispute resolution.
  • 12th May 2015

    Financial Focus On...Class 2 National Insurance

    With a few exceptions, if you are self-employed (or in partnership), you are required to pay Class 2 National Insurance Contributions (NIC). While those of us long enough to remember it being called “The Stamp” will agree (because you could literally go to the Post Office and buy a contribution stamp), the world of Class 2 NIC has largely remained unchanged for decades.
  • 11th May 2015

    Why all businesses considering a sale should undertake “Sell-Side Due Diligence”?

    As we continue to see an upturn in activity in sales and mergers it is clear that in a competitive market, with funders requiring greater confidence in the business, advisers and business owners are recognising that robust sell-side analysis pays dividends in the consideration received as well as the time taken to complete a transaction.
  • 29th April 2015

    Telephone call charges to be made simpler

    From July this year if you provide numbers beginning 08, 09 or 118 for your customers to call you on then how you advertise those numbers is changing.