• 17th May 2016

    The EU debate – Pension Schemes

    At the time of writing, we are now only weeks away from the UK referendum. The rhetoric is heating up, but no one really knows what the true implications of BREXIT will be and what trade agreements will be agreed. Will this have a significant impact on UK pension schemes?
  • 3rd May 2016

    Experts in Mediation - a catalyst to success?

    As an expert witness in accounting, tax and financial matters we are often engaged somewhat late in the dispute and often only when fighting it out in court has become inevitable. This is unfortunate as in my experience the expert can be a powerful tool in mediation or achieving a negotiated resolution.
  • 19th April 2016

    Farming matters - Herd basis election

    One of the many taxation options available to farmer or livestock breeder is the herd basis election.
  • 13th April 2016

    Financial Focus On...The pain of being charitable

    By the time you read this, the new regime for taxing investment income will be a matter of a few days old. For those not already aware, dividends and interest are now being paid gross and there are new allowances for interest of up to £1,000 and a £5,000 allowance for dividend income.
  • 29th March 2016

    New online bankruptcy applications

    From 6 April 2016 individuals wishing to enter into bankruptcy as a means of dealing with debt will have to apply online for a bankruptcy order to be made.