• 28th January 2016

    Telecommunications - Domestic Reverse Charge

    In its Revenue and Customs Brief 1/2016 HMRC has advised that, in a measure to counter the threat of missing trader intra-community VAT fraud, a reverse charge accounting mechanism is to be introduced on 1 February 2016 for wholesale supplies of telecommunication services in the UK.
  • 19th January 2016

    How to choose a good accountant - from the horse's mouth

    Choosing your accountant is a key decision for both business owners and private clients. One bean counter is not in fact the same as the next bean counter!
  • 11th January 2016

    Financial Focus On...An Employee or Not an Employee? Now that is a question

    Whether someone is employed or self-employed has long been a matter for debate and argument with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) with HMRC generally angling for an individual to be classed as an employee purely as there is a larger tax and NIC take to be had (with the Employer suffering an additional 13.8% national insurance liability on gross salaries paid).
  • 14th December 2015

    Happy New Year from HMRC?

    Last week, whilst most business owners and their tax advisers were busy with their Christmas office parties, writing cards and attending carol services, HMRC slipped out draft tax legislation and a consultation document on changes which could have a significant impact on a number of individuals trading as limited companies. The proposed legislation will come into force 6 April 2016 and could impact business owners such that they may wish to seek advice early in 2016.
  • 8th December 2015

    Financial Focus On...Pecunia non olet

    Pecunia non olet is a Latin saying that arose first during the reign of Roman Emperor Vaspasian (AD 9-79) and seems to be a good place to start our occasional winter romp through the weird and occasionally wonderful world of taxation.