• Where are we now with Patent Box?
    14th November 2016

    Where are we now with Patent Box?

    It was all change for the UK’s Patent Box tax relief on 1 July 2016, although many features of the previous rules have been retained.
  • MBO’s: Balancing the Risk
    9th November 2016

    MBO’s: Balancing the Risk

    Management Buyouts, or MBO’s, are becoming an increasingly popular deal mechanism to achieve a controlled shareholder exit. Typically in an MBO, the senior management of a company purchase the entire shareholding of that company from the existing owners, thereby becoming the new owners.
  • 19th October 2016

    Financial Focus On...Your PAYE Code

    For those in employment or receiving a pension, a PAYE code is that usually benign and often ignored communique from our masters at HM Revenue & Customs which, apart from the new annual statements of how your taxes have been spent, may be the only communication that you receive from HMRC on an annual basis.
  • 11th October 2016

    R&D tax relief – Why are some companies still missing out?

    Last month HMRC released the statistics for R&D tax relief claims in the 2014/15 tax year. These showed a 12% increase in the total number of claims made, with a 16% increase in claims by small & medium-sized entities (SMEs).
  • 7th October 2016

    Variations on a theme…

    As we await the new Chancellor’s first Autumn Statement, it might be worth taking note of a comment slipped into his predecessor’s last one.