• Budget comment - the Medical sector
    14th March 2017

    Budget comment - the Medical sector

    Mr Hammond’s light hearted delivery of his first and last Spring Budget Statement was at initial glance low on content although will be followed up by his inaugural Autumn Statement later this year, as long as he stays in office and avoids repeating the fate of Chancellor Lamont, the first exponent of attempting to banish the annual March speech to history, only to be sacked within weeks of making the same promise!
  • Tax to the future
    13th March 2017

    Tax to the future

    As a firm, Ensors has been looking into how the future of accounts and tax is changing. Although we are aware of aspects individually it is only when you do this type of exercise that you draw together a picture of how much change is coming.
  • Brexit and the Budget
    9th March 2017

    Brexit and the Budget

    I thought I had missed something so did a word search on the Chancellor’s Budget speech. However, this confirmed my original observation; he managed to deliver the entire speech without mentioning Brexit once.
  • Budget comment - The Charitable sector
    9th March 2017

    Budget comment - The Charitable sector

    The Chancellor’s Budget included very few specific references to the charity and not for profit sector. Was that good or bad for the sector? Well clearly, specific positive initiatives that would have made the position of charities either financially or administratively easier would have been the ideal. But equally, there is still something to be said for the status quo when the alternative could have been to make things worse.
  • Budget Comment – Professional Firms
    9th March 2017

    Budget Comment – Professional Firms

    As predicted there was not much for any business including professional firms to get excited about in the Budget.