• MBOs: Getting the price right
    6th July 2017

    MBOs: Getting the price right

    Management Buyouts (MBOs) are an efficient exit mechanism for private company owners to retire (or partially retire) by handing over control of the company to the senior management team. In previous articles, I have discussed the fundamentals of MBOs and the importance of preparation to deliver a successful MBO. In the current article, I shall aim to tackle the most thorny issue in an MBO – the price of the MBO itself!
  • Pensions Update
    3rd July 2017

    Pensions Update

    The volatility of the market takes it toll on investment performance, but how can you predict the market? Certainly many fund managers weren’t expecting the EU referendum to go the way it did, Trump to be elected and the uncertainty of the recent election result which surprisingly resulted in a strengthening of the pound amongst the chaos of the result.
  • Financial Focus On..."Now Get Out of That"
    19th June 2017

    Financial Focus On..."Now Get Out of That"

    For those of the younger generation without long memories, “Now Get Out Of That” was a BBC series in the early 1980s that tasked teams of individuals with various tasks and problems in order to reach a location or solve a puzzle. The solutions to the individual problems were often surprisingly simple and usually relied on the teams asking the right questions in order to find the best solution.
  • Employee Incentives – What are the ‘Options’?
    8th June 2017

    Employee Incentives – What are the ‘Options’?

    “Treat them mean, keep them keen” is perhaps an interesting philosophy when it comes securing long-term commitment from a romantic relationship, but I don’t think the same can necessarily be said when it comes to guaranteeing the enduring loyalty of your employees.
  • Do higher tax rates actually work?
    6th June 2017

    Do higher tax rates actually work?

    Tax is always one of the dominant issues in any General Election and this year is no exception.