Software tips – Repeating Transactions

by Rebecca Jones

Do you find yourself entering the same purchase or sales invoice month after month, wondering if there’s an easier way or wishing you could “copy and paste”?

Most software options have a repeating transactions function, whereby you can create a template to post transactions you create regularly or copy a transaction you have posted previously.

If you are a Xero user, search “Add or edit a repeating bill or copy a bill” or “Add or edit a repeating invoice template” in the Help Centre for further instructions.

If you are a QuickBooks user, click help and search “Create recurring transactions” for further details.

If you are a Sage 50 User search help for “Create a Recurring Entry”.

If you are a Farmplan user, search help for “Repeating Transactions”. You will have three options. On Demand repeating transactions allow you to create a default layout for a transaction that can be applied to a supplier or customer as and when needed. Regular with Edit repeating transactions allow you to create entries to occur at set intervals with the ability to edit the amount, Finally Automatic repeating transactions allow you to create transactions to occur at set intervals for the same amount.

Most accounting packages offer a similar function, so if yours isn’t listed above use the search function to look for further information.

If you require any assistance or have any queries on using the features discussed, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your usual Ensors contact who will be able to direct you to a member of the team who can assist further.


Rebecca Jones

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