• Air BnB tax rules clarified
    7th December 2018

    Air BnB tax rules clarified

    Legislation and tax law can often be a slow-moving animal. Often events or trends can happen and become even quite commonplace before the government tax rules catch up and realise that the latest activity requires slightly different tax treatment or a clarification of the rules. And so it is with Air BnB or the very short-term letting of your home.
  • A tax on divorce?
    6th December 2018

    A tax on divorce?

    The final period of ownership of a residential property which was formerly your home usually attracts a run-off period of 18 months. This period of relief is primarily designed to assist when someone buys a new home before they sell their previous one, allowing a period of overlap so that both properties continue to qualify for Principal Private Residence [PPR] relief and are therefore not assessable to Capital Gains Tax (CGT).
  • Budget 2018 Entrepreneurs Relief changes
    6th December 2018

    Budget 2018 Entrepreneurs Relief changes

    The recent Budget announced changes to the entrepreneur’s relief (ER) legislation. These changes could potentially impact upon the ability to claim this relief and to access the 10% rate of capital gains tax on share disposals.
  • GMP Equalisation – An auditors view
    13th November 2018

    GMP Equalisation – An auditors view

    The recent Lloyds judgement on GMP Equalisation has set the industry in a spin. Whilst the Actuaries get to grips with what exactly is needed we take an auditor’s view on this and how this could impact on the accounts.
  • Cryptocurrency, bitcoins and divorce
    12th November 2018

    Cryptocurrency, bitcoins and divorce

    Cryptocurrency has existed for nearly a decade and it’s now estimated that there is €700 billion held in these virtual currencies. Therefore, it is unsurprising that cryptocurrency is now appearing more frequency in divorce cases. Furthermore the nature of this asset and the relative ease at which it can be hidden may attract spouses to consider using cryptocurrency to hide wealth. So what are the key points to be considered in relation to cryptocurrency and divorce?