Client Satisfaction Results

As a firm we are continually striving to improve the service we offer to our clients and, to help us understand areas that we need to focus on, we conducted a client satisfaction survey in the summer of 2017.

We would like to thank all those who took part in the survey and, to demonstrate that we take your feedback seriously, we have summarised a selection of the results below together with a brief outline of actions we have taken as a result.

Overall we are extremely pleased with the results. They clearly demonstrate that we are upholding our Brand Values, that are:

  • Treating our clients and employees as individuals;
  • Striving for the highest levels of technical expertise;
  • Building strong and long term relationships; and
  • Being genuinely approachable.

David Scrivener
Managing Partner


99% said they are very satisfied or satisfied with our technical expertise
98% said our services are always or most of the time delivered in an efficient and professional manner
99% said our work is always or most of the time thorough and complete
98% said we always or most of the time meet their deadlines
99% said our staff are professional and helpful always or most of the time
98% said we always or most of the time meet their needs

"We outsource everything to Ensors, safe in the knowledge that deadlines are met and that we adhere to current legislation. This allows us to concentrate on our business. We are not accountants and Ensors are a safe pair of hands for our financials." Darren Ilston - - Melbek


  • Overall, the results were extremely positive and we thank-you for that.
  • We have shared the results with our staff and passed on directly the many highly complimentary comments about specific members of the team.
  • There were a couple of areas where, we felt, we fell short on expectations. We discussed these in some detail at our recent Partners Conference and have actions in place to improve certain aspects of our service over coming months.


  • “We have been clients of Ensors for over 20 years and have benefited from many aspects of specialist advice, from VAT, IHT, BPR and many other services. Would always recommend to anyone needed prompt, efficient specialist advice.”
    Gardiners - Moor Hall Farms
  • “I am very happy with the service provided and always find Ross a pleasure to work with, he answers any accounting queries quickly in a clear professional way.”
    Caroline Dickinson - Suffolk Family Carers
  • "Robert Leggett is extremely personable and knowledgeable. We value enormously his input into our business.”
    Tom Forsyth - Highcliff Veterinary Practice
  • “We have used Ensors for many years, and truly feel that they are an extremely knowledgeable firm who value our custom and strive to help us with any concerns.”
    Ellie Williams - Haughley Park Ltd
  • “Business Weekly finds Ensors high quality in terms of advice and service and also a pleasant partner, helping us spot potential pitfalls before they occur and flagging up issues they believe we should be aware of as a globally influential B2B medium. They represent excellent value for money.”
    Tony Quested - Business Weekly
  • “A firm that always goes that extra mile to understand your needs, your company and looks upon you as an individual not just another client.”
    William Coe - Coes