Managing a payroll is becoming an increasingly complex area with greater regulation and compliance requirements. So why not let the team of experts at Ensors take the strain, freeing up valuable administrative staff for other tasks.

Our payroll service has been specifically tailored to the needs of the construction industry. For example, where the CIS scheme governing payments to subcontractors necessitates sub-contractors providing verifications for all employees and doing monthly returns to HMRC, we provide an automated payroll system.  The system is specifically designed for sub-contractors and will not only produce the payroll, but also do all the year-end returns, and produce the monthly HMRC returns.

Our payroll service has accreditation from the Bankers Automated Clearing System (BACS) and is able to provide weekly or monthly wage and salary payments direct to recipients’ bank accounts plus it can provide data reports which integrate seamlessly with your accounting software and management information processes.

In short, we offer the kind of attention to detail and service you would expect from an in-house payroll department.
  • Expert external payroll resource specifically tailored to the construction industry.
  • Confidential, committed service with the accuracy of an internal set-up.
  • Full understanding of the latest legislation and submission requirements.
  • Dedicated payroll staff located across the region in all Ensors offices.
  • Training and advice offered on all payroll issues.


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