Meet the Barleymow family
An introduction to the farming family.
Inheritance Tax and tenanted land
Every issue we will be following the fortunes of the Barleymow family and the issues they face as a family farming business. This edition looks at the complications regarding Inheritance Tax and tenanted land.
Capital Allowances
The common forms of Capital Allowances available on plant and machinery currently comprise of; Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) of up to £200,000 per annum and Writing Down Allowance (WDA), set at 18% per annum.
Farming and forensic accounting
Our Forensic Accounting team led by Fiona Hotston Moore, have been involved in a number of areas in the farming sector working for both existing clients and also accepting instructions following a referral from a lawyer or other accountant.
Meet the team
An introduction to Ensors Agricultural team

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