R&D expenditure credits - Large Company & Above the Line schemes
The R&D Scheme for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) is well publicised as one of the most generous Corporation Tax reliefs currently available. However, despite meeting the necessary size...
Business Borrowing - Tax Efficiently
New funding is in short supply and more expensive, it is now more important than ever to review borrowing to minimise the cost.
Gifts of land to charity
A review of the tax reliefs available when gifting land to charity
Academy first year package
The package has been designed to ease the transition as you change auditors and includes a range of services free of charge.
Academies due diligence service
As the Government’s flagship policy of encouraging schools to become academies continues to gain traction, more and more schools are actively considering making the conversion.
Statutory Residence Test - Working Abroad
A statutory definition of tax residence has been introduced in the UK with effect from 6 April 2013 and the information contained herein is a very brief overview of the legislation included...
Gift Aid Small Donations scheme
The Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (“GASDS”), effective from 6 April 2013, is designed to provide charities with a ‘‘top up payment’’ on small cash donations where these cannot be gift aided
Are you sure your businesses are separate?
A recent VAT Tribunal Case highlights the risk of a direction from HMRC that separate businesses be amalgamated if HMRC consider that they have been separated artificially.
VAT - refund scheme
Guidance from HMRC on how the VAT refund scheme for Academies will operate.
Debt Relief Orders
Debt Relief Orders (DROs) provide debt relief for individuals who do not own their own home, have little surplus income, minimal assets and their debts are less than £15,000.
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