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Regrets? We're Getting A Few

Gender Pay Rules: What If No One Hears You Scream?

Top Tips For Finding Your Inner Age Of Calm

The news more or less exists not to inform, but to inflame, it seems. Social media connects us instantly to others who will share our worst fears, or happily show us theirs. Maybe even a video. Mount Etna erupting? I was almost there with that BBC film crew myself.

Mind The Gender Pay Gap - Time For A Royal Commission

all women everywhere Now would be a good time to get the most out of half the working population who are being devalued, and about whom some more imaginative thinking is needed to bring properly and fairly into the workforce. In other words, we need a Royal Commission.

If Music Be The Food Of Love, Pay On.

Losing My Job Meant I Found A Life

I still think about my own painful times, but learned from the job loss journey that you can have it all and suddenly have nothing; and also that with the right help, someone who has nothing can be given that most precious thing of all: their life.

Thanks For Raising The Issue Of Mental Health, Prime Minister, Now Invest In The NHS So It Can Improve

Whilst everyone will welcome Theresa May's decision to draw attention to mental health, her proposals fall far short of addressing the problems.

2017: It's Wonderful To Be Here

Another year over, another just (about) begun, and the only certain thing to celebrate in 2017 will be the 50th anniversary of the Beatles releasing Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club band.

Autumn Statement: Something Borrowed, Something Blue

As Autumn Statements go, this latest one went leaving none of us much clearer about the future course for the UK economy.

The Gig Economy - It's Not Rock And Roll, It's Boss And Control

It is tempting to think the rise in self-employment and the gig economy represent some sort of return to the genuine market economy of the Eighteenth Century, a time when people traded with each other to survive as the industrial revolution gave them the tools with which to do so.

Donald Trump: Thanks For All The Shock

Pokemon Go: Fun, But At Whose Expense?

This is potentially valuable data, especially when aggregated with that gathered from millions of other players. The question it raises is not whether a game should be free to use, as this is, but whether users should actually be paid to play them.

New Grammar Schools? There Is Another Way

But there is also no denying that grammar schools are widely supported, and this cannot be ignored. Politicians need to listen to their electorate, especially to people outside of London who may not feel included in evidence of rising education standards.

Another Dope In Sports - The Scandal Of Unequal Pay

Equality in sports ought to be a given, so the fact that professional women participants still generally earn less than their male equivalents is a scandal... The Gender Balance in Global Sport report just published has found what it calls a 'vast' wage gap still existing, two years after first highlighting the problem.

Mad Men? Alive and Well and Still Maddenignly Sexist

So, gender prejudice in the workplace is dead? I think not, if the off-message comments of advertising agency head Kevin Roberts are a guide. It's actually a pesky virus that just got smarter.

Cut the BHS - Time for May to Reform Rotten Core of Capitalism

Grotesque greed is only a small part of the scandal over how the department chain BHS was allowed to collapse, the bulk of it is the failure of Capitalism Plc. So we'd better hope that Theresa May delivers on her promise to reform business culture in the UK.

Gender Wars in Politics - Finally Won?

We may also see a woman running the United States by next year. There could not be a sharper contrast between Hillary Clinton and likely rival Donald Trump. If he represents blunt, bombastic machismo, she exudes a calm pragmatism. But what is striking already is how gender is not a playable card any longer. Even for Trump.

Brexit: The Mourning After the Night Before as World Looks at us Differently

Fat Cats Are Curdling the Cream - Time to Regulate Bosses?

Are we in a new infuriating phase of the economic cycle, that one where a few individuals shake your faith in corporate life just when everyone has got over austerity?

Fashion Failures Hint at Crisis on the High Street

Failure of BHS a Warning for Everyone in a Pension Scheme - Time for Government Action

Sadly, the only thing trendy about the collapsed retailer BHS is the fashionably weak state of its pension provisions, highlighting a growing problem the Government must now address.

Tax Avoidance: The Real Scandal Is What Multinational Companies are Getting Away With

The pressure on public services means that taxes will probably keep rising, particularly for people not able or inclined to afford smart advice on how to avoid them. What we need to do is get more from those global companies avoiding what less mobile businesses must pay and stop fretting about individual tax returns.

Panama: Time to End the Tax Avoidance Charade

These tax havens are often used for money laundering the gains of other criminal activities. Tax evasion and wider criminal activity all too often go hand in hand. But whilst it may be getting harder to hide wealth, the jolting truth from the latest revelations is that it is evidently still not hard enough.

Ethics: Need to Be Taken More Seriously by Business

How well business behaves should be governed not just by rule books and regulations, there needs to be an instinct for good behaviour that gets talked about. For ethics. Common sense? Apparently not. What we are seeing instead is a gradual erosion of ethical standards, or at least any sense that they represent something important to a firm or can be articulated.

Budget Gloss Still Means Pain Ahead

The unfortunate truth about the Budget is that it was a bit like a sugary drink: fizzy and largely sweet. But it will not be the last word on how well we do this year; and the omens are not looking good for Budget 2017.

International Women's Day: Not Much to Celebrate Yet

Women across the world are still being denied careers and education, sometimes in the name of religion, but always because of prejudice. So we need action now, not just more attention, as we mark International Women's Day on March 7. There is still a mountain to climb.

Budget Blues Ahead as Brexit Looms Large

There are plausible arguments on both sides. But one that should be retired is that it would cause major damage to our exports if the UK left. It would not. We import five goods for every three we export. It seems improbable that our EU partners would wish to disrupt trade to one of its largest markets. The UK is not Norway.

Cheap Splits: Gary Lineker and Scoring a Budget Divorce

Fraud: A Word to the Unwise

For those of us involved with fraud it looks like another good year for temptation to trump trustiness in the workplace.

Things Can Only Get Better. Don't Count on it

My reluctant bet is that by the end of 2016 the UK will be slipping back into at least a severe slowdown. I hope to lose.

Drum Roll, Please, for George the Magician Chancellor

Women Need Quotas to Reach the Top, or the Pretence Continues

Whilst gender parity by any measure is welcome, we should be wary of hanging out more flags to mark non-executive roles, and, frankly, not even very many of them. Why is it taking so long? We might charitably say that the bias is unconscious. But that hardly constitutes an excuse any longer.

Chinese Investment in the UK: Regulation is the Key Issue

Made in China we get, but how about owned by China as the superpower ratchets up investment in the UK?

FIFA Corruption: A Yellow Card for Oversight Standards

Here is an amazing football fact: Despite corruption allegations engulfing the sport's governing body nothing ever smelled to its outside auditors.

Dumb and Dumber: Banking Scam Shows Stunning Stupidity

Time to Zero in on Zero Hours Contracts

Kids Company Collapse: Regulator and Trustees Have Biggest Questions to Answer

Where the buck stops matters. Kids Company handled about £150 million over the course of its existence. It did great work, but should have been advised that it is not enough to act out a mission that defies economic gravity, just because you want to do so.

Jeremy Corbyn: Breathing Life into a Lame Labour Leadership Campagin

What a tonic Jeremy Corbyn has been to the Labour leadership campaign with his particular heresy of radical ideas and anti-establishment energy. It is like shaking hands with the 1970s. How invigorating also for us bystanders after nearly 20 years of politics meeting in that sterile no-man's land the centre ground.

Garrick Vote: You Poor Men

It seems a waste of time to put energy into a rational argument to counter your irrational position. But perhaps now that at least we are all talking about your strange habit, things might change. n the meantime, what the rest of us can do is stop treating your club as exclusive, but instead as ridiculous.

Tesco - Very Little Seems to be Helping

Tesco was for many years a celebrated, expanding emblem of great British business success. But with that status also comes a responsibility to be an ambassador for good corporate governance.

Confidence, Not Class, Is the Issue in Social Mobility

Let us not be distracted from the real reason why top jobs sometimes unfairly elude people: It's confidence, not class.

Women (Usually) Are Getting Ripped Off in Divorce Settlements - Time to Give them Some Help

The divorce courts have become mired in disputes about who has what, and where. Not everyone loses out in this wrangling, of course. The lawyers' meters keep ticking as the very assets to be divided get depleted by fees.

Business Owners - Face it, Sometimes your Glass is not Half Full

Phew, the political uncertainty is over, and many businesses will now be pressing ahead with sales and mergers long postponed. But are they ready? The honest answer for some is that they probably do not know, but do have a sense that the time is right.

More Alarm Needed at Gap Between Super Rich and Rest of Us

Something is just not adding up. Historically, those at the very top relied on those in the middle to ease their lives through skill and also to protect them from the bottom, with the gap from peak to trough far less than it is now. When the middle collapses, chaos really ensues.

Food Fraud: Time to Bite Off More Than We Can Chew

Ever eaten a portion of food fraud? Quite probably, and it is time the Government and manufacturers did more to combat a growing problem.

Time to Reform Divorce Process to Stop Wealth Being Hidden

Involving forensic accountants as a matter of course, or even legal requirement, would deter deception and reduce the pain and anguish. if assets were valued at the start of a separation the process of divorce might generally be less fraught.

Whistleblowers: Heroes Not Traitors

Whistleblowing can be discouraged in subtle ways to do with working culture in an organisation: Fear of being exposed as a 'grass' or not a team player. All these can chill a career and make a working life hell on earth.

Last Chance for Businesses to get Compensation for Loan Mis-selling from Banks

What is surprising, as the 31 March deadline to make a claim looms, is that 6,000 customers needlessly sold these so-called Interest Rate Hedging Products have yet to complain out of 7,000 deemed eligible by the FCA.

Excessive Tax Avoidance - Blame Politicians

As the country enters the general election period, a time of spin and political advantage, it is time we questioned not just individuals about their tax affairs, but the politicians who created the laws left so open to exploitation.

Time to Face up to Employee Fraud

Blind trust is the belief that an employee with access to company accounts chooses to stay late and work weekends, unobserved, out of selfless devotion. Professional scepticism is what allows those motives to be questioned, possibly using discrete checks.

Whose State Is It Anyway? Day of Reckoning Over Public Sector Looms

It does not have social obligations, but contractual ones; and yet paradoxically, its executives often seem more answerable and responsive than local government officials. Confusion at every turn.

'For Sale' Signs Premature for Many Businesses as Bumper Selling Year Looms

Hard as it is to build a business, it can be harder still to sell one (successfully) because rudimentary errors are made. In the months ahead I fear we will witness many of them.

Employee Fraud: Time to Stop Seeing the Funny Side

Fully one third of business failures in the United States now are the result of employee fraud, and there is no reason to assume the same is not true for the UK.

Tesco: Reputation Now Being Rattled More Than its Tills

Eight executives have been suspended whilst lawyers and accountants pore over the books. Some details we now know, but why, and culpability lie in the future...

Time to End 'UK Plc' Really Meaning 'United Kingdom Politician of Limited Capability'

Politicians are fond of referring to 'UK PLC' when they want to burnish their business credentials. What a pity so few actually have any, despite the recent recession. It would be unheard of for a manufacturer to employ, say, a finance director with no experience, or for anyone to commission a portrait from an artist unable to paint.

Women: Doing Better, Despite Social Media Venom

The three ably illustrate where we are in the diversity battle, with triumphant progress matched by an unpleasant reminder of a disturbing gap between actuality and attitudes.

Jimmy Savile and the Banking Crisis - United by Failure to Question

There is a great deal we could gain as a culture from being more questioning, which is not the same as being more cynical. Scepticism is what allowed the Age of Enlightenment to emerge in the Seventeenth Century, a liberation of arts and sciences from the stranglehold of religious orthodoxies.

Another Woman Makes it to the Board - But Many More Still Need Quotas to Get There

We are not near dealing with unconscious bias, let alone welcoming anything historic. Until we level the playing field with temporary quotas women making it to boards is still going to make the news. We need it to pass almost unnoticed for the job to be done.

Absence of Women in Top Media Jobs Must Be Addressed

Two of the greatest newspapers in the world, the New York Times and Le Monde, have lost their female editors within 24 hours of each other this week. Coincidence, of course. But also a salutary reminder of how few women are at the top of important media.

Parliament and the City - Still Male Clubs - Time to do Something Mr Cameron, dear.

There are more women in corporate boardrooms now, but few in executive roles once there. There are also more women MPs, but few in positions of real power. Talk about a problem is not the same as solving it.

Entrepreneurs: Make the Grade, Even Without the GCSE

Entrepreneurs are different from the rest of us as high priests of business. But I believe passionately that more of us could be called to this secular faith.

Follow Me, Follow You - How Twitter Is Changing the World

Whatever people feel about Twitter (answers in 140 characters or less, please) there can surely be nobody who has not wondered about how or whether to apply it to their lives. Even the Pope squeezes it in.

'Barroco Barner' Gaffe - Another Disguised Excuse to Laugh at Women?

For many of us it has been dispiriting to read the reports and analysis, weighty and otherwise, let alone to have the meanderings of a 20-year-old receptionist making no claims to intellectual weight held as somehow totemic of education or, implicitly, women.

International Women's Day - No More Flowers, Please: Time for the UK to Put its Own House in Order

International Women's Day is an official holiday in Azerbaijan, amongst 27 countries. Unfortunately, it is also an unofficial one for many women in the UK, those who would prefer to be working but cannot afford to do so, largely because of child care issues.

Maths for Girls? It's as Easy as ABC - So, Why Are Schools Not Doing More to Encourage It?

We need to see much more mentoring and for schools to actively, not passively, ensure a throughput of female role models talking to, and hopefully inspiring, pupils. Governors and local education authorities should take a firm lead.

David Cameron's 'Women Problem' - Time for Quotas?

The Prime Minister's so-called "women problem" is starting to hurt him politically. Now perhaps something will start to happen.

Labour's 50% Tax - The Sound of No Hands Clapping

It is estimated Labour would get around £1billion annually, which in tax terms is peanuts. The National Health Service alone, for example, soaks up more than £100billion - and rising - despite 'efficiency savings'. So why do it? The answer is probably to provide electoral cover for more widespread tax rises if Labour wins the next election.

Recovery? It Ain't Necessarily so.

How hard it is not to get swept along by the euphoria greeting every fragile indicator that the economy is picking up steam again. But is it?

Crowds, Banks and Bitcoins Will All Make Headlines in 2014

Crystal ball gazing is a hazardous activity, but one thing is certain without mystical help: 2014 is going to be a turbulent year for the economy. Both for professional and personal finances the New Year promises to be one of opportunity and peril, of innovation and uncertainty.

German Moves to Force Women on Company Boards Shames UK

Three cheers for Germany, where politicians have thrashed out a deal that will see companies forced to have at least 30 per cent of their boardrooms made up of women. The two parties expected to form the next government have not only agreed the quota, but also put a timeline on it arrival: Two years. Good. We should be embarrassed.

Dear Chancellor - More Help for 'Mumtrepreneurs," Please

I firmly believe that women with children could be unlocked as "mumtrepreneurs" if they had better state support. There is certainly plenty of evidence to suggest that more do want to create businesses than manage to do so.

Recession Over - Time to Sell Your Business?

Phew, the economy is finally starting to pick up, as is the enthusiasm of business owners to sell up - and what a mess some will make of it. Is the time even right?

UK Open for Business - Please Tread Carefully

Britain is open for business, the Government is keen to say, and there are signs over the past few weeks that global firms are indeed looking seriously at entering the door. Yes, the UK offers a business-friendly tax culture. Yes, the workforce is trained and motivated in many areas. But there are complications that could trip up the unwary.

Lawyers and Accountants - Adapt or Keep Dying

On the face of it the debacle arose from particular circumstances, not least the exquisite embarrassment of a top seven national auditor by revenue failing to audit itself properly whilst embarking on the sort of giddy, risky buying splurge its clients generally avoid.

Want to be an Apprentice? - Dress the Part, and Other Tips From the Hiring Front Line

Ask questions, see if you can speak to past or present apprentices. Gather knowledge. It is not all about the money either. Remembering that there is more to a job than salary and benefits will help you, the candidate, make the right choice. A key question to ask any potential employer is about the opportunities at the end of the training period.

Tax Avoidance - Time to Stop Evading Clearer Thinking

Tax avoidance is a hot topic exercising politicians, pundits, press and experts in the field, but what could be burnt unintentionally is an understanding of perfectly acceptable behaviour to limit liability.

Banks: Change "Testosterone-Fuelled Culture" to Attract Women Traders

Women are just as capable of taking pressure, of course. Indeed, as many juggle the responsibilities of work and children, arguably more so. The question is not whether they have the skills, but whether they have the will for a grim working environment without visible reforms.

Needed: A 'Female Spring' to Let More Women Into Top Jobs