Forensic accounting

When you find yourself, or you have a client, in need of forensic accounting or litigation support, you need to know you have selected a firm that is reliable and has experience in a wide range of situations.

We have provided forensic accounting and tax investigation support for clients all over the UK, and currently have offices in London and the South East.

Why choose us?

  • With over 125 years of excellence in accounting, Ensors is a name you can trust
  • We will respond to your enquiry within four hours and our team can react as quickly as your needs dictate
  • We provide support to clients all over the UK
  • We offer an initial analysis for a reasonable fixed fee, with a free estimate
  • Fully transparent charging with a flexible fee structure
  • Fiona Hotston Moore is an experienced court witness
  • We offer a wide range of experience of all forensic accounting situations
  • We combine high-level accountancy expertise with extensive knowledge of current legislation and best practice in the fields of tax, insolvency and corporate finance.

… a huge thank you for the thorough and careful job that you have done. It has been such a relief to us to have your professional and fair point of view backing us up in this awful battle. The speed with which you worked and the urgency with which you responded has been absolutely refreshing. We would heartily recommend Ensors

How do we get results?

Ensors forensic accountants get the results that you need by providing authoritative and detailed financial analysis to resolve commercial disputes or fraud prosecution. We understand that many situations can be extremely time sensitive, and we pride ourselves on our ability to respond quickly and effectively to high-pressured and time sensitive situations.

We work closely with:

  • Lawyers
  • Insurers
  • Arbitrators
  • Insolvency Practitioners
  • Mediators
  • Corporations
  • Individuals

What we provide authoritative advice & support for:

  • Commercial disputes
  • Civil cases including divorce settlements and other litigation
  • Criminal cases
  • Business valuations 
  • Professional negligence, tax enquiries and investigations 
  • National Crime Agency (NCA) investigations
  • Personal injury claims
  • Asset tracing & recovery
  • Fraud prevention reviews
  • False accounting, employee and officer fraud
  • Due diligence for sale and purchase agreements

Our team of forensic accountants will conduct a thorough analysis of financial data and audit trails, as well as preparing robust evidence and giving expert witness testimony, on both a single party and single joint expert (SJE) basis.

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If you would like more information to find out how we can help you please call 01473 220034 or 07770 642 491. Alternatively you can email Fiona at





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Fiona Hotston Moore
T: 07770 642 491

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[My client] was today offered a more sensible plea by the Crown, thanks in no small part to your report. As the client has pleaded Fiona you'll no longer be required to attend Court. Thank you again for your assistance Fiona, and the excellent client care Simon.


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