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[Simarco] wanted to move to an auditor that could fully understand the future growth and demands of the business without the inner London weighting of fees with the current auditor. [We] chose Ensors for the professionalism of the team involved with the forthcoming audit and fixed cost approach being offered. I have dealt with a range of auditors over the 25 years in finance and been very impressed so far to date. Mark Birchall - Simarco International Limited

Good auditing isn't just about checking figures. At Ensors, our audits are partner led and include at least one qualified accountant. Members of each team take the time to understand the businesses they are working with and form close working relationships. This enables us to ensure we meet our high service standards and critical deadlines. In addition, because we have a very high staff retention rate, there’s a sense of continuity year-on-year.

Statutory requirements inevitably shape our audit reporting. But we go that bit further to deliver the very best service. Clients receive a Final Management Report, containing detailed commentary on the accounts, analysis of the controls inherent in the business and recommendations for the future.

  • Guaranteed expertise – all audit teams are led by qualified, experienced accountants.
  • Staff loyalty delivers long term continuity.
  • Committed to understanding the structure and goals of each client’s business and developing close working relationships.
  • Friendly, jargon free approach, while maintaining the highest degree of professionalism and technical standards.


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